Bespoke handcrafted Pottery by Earthworks Pottery in Denbighshire

Handmade pottery

At Earthworks Pottery, I feel a sense of wonder and satisfaction that from pliable clay and dull powdery minerals, through the stages, throwing, shaping, colour decoration, and firing. I finish with a permanent shape that is deep and glossy and sparkling. The language we use to describe a pot's shape - neck, shoulders, belly and foot, only emphasise the way we relate to the shape and form. My pots have a feminine form and natural patterns and designs. My decoration lies somewhere between picture and pattern. I like the visual rhythm this creates. With the colours gold, red, green and plum, I can indulge a passion for exotic or meadow flowers, and the blue and white with a Mediterranean intensity.

The animal designs of sheep, barn owls, hares etc. are a reflection of our pastoral surroundings, closeness to wildlife and relationships with living things. Pottery presents our food to us, shares our living space and has done since our early beginnings. We have come on a journey together of cooking, breaking bread and sharing food and drink. They improve our quality of life encouraging us to do everything well, with care and affection for the daily rituals that make up our life.
Prices range from £5.00 to £150 at the studio.
Postage and packaging is not included. 
pot with flower design

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Personal, handcrafted pottery by Earthworks Pottery, Denbighshire

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