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some of our handmade pots

Bespoke ceramic pots

Earthworks Pottery, Denbighshire

Handmade pottery by Wendy Gill, I throw my pottery on a potter's wheel, after sufficient drying time to bring them to a stage called 'leather hard', I turn the bases and lids and make any handles needed. After further time for a little more drying, I decorate. Some pots I pierce with a scalpel, cutting out the pieces between the designs I have drawn on, clean up with a sponge and incise detail and add colours. I also carve and pierce pots which takes time and a steady hand, the finished effect is beautiful. 
When the pots are totally dry they are bisque fired. When cool they are removed from the kiln, glazed and fired again. They take one day to go up and a couple of days to cool so the whole firing cycle takes a week.
I have my main designs for domestic ware, nile, grapevine, cow parsley etc. Then I like to make some more elaborate special pieces. Some of my designs follow the seasons, I have snowdrop and daffodil designs, bluebells then poppies, daisies, wheat and meadow flowers. In late summer pumpkin, apple, grapes and in winter soup bowls and casseroles.
I'm always trying out new things in shape or decoration, but also love some of the classical shapes from round the world found in archaeology. Trying out new things however subtle or major, I find it thrilling and just can't wait to see them when I open the kiln.

handmade sunflower themed jug


three decorated vases


handmade plates

Ceramic pots

three ceramic pots


a handmade teapot

At Earthworks Pottery you will find the following:

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• Jars
• Beer Mugs
• Pierced Ware
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• Bespoke Pottery
• Candle Pots
• Cheese Plates and Dishes
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• Bread and Olive Bowls
• Storage Jars
• Tapas Dishes
• Studio Pottery
Ceramic pots by Earthworks Pottery, Denbighshire,
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